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About Me

Often a fixture in the Vancouver Concert scene photographing local, national and internationally acclaimed musicians.  Recently I covered JUNO Week for the 2018 Vancouver JUNO Host Committee.  My ongoing series of photographs titled #ArtistAtHome focusses on capturing the top Vancouver artists in their homes.

Travelling through India and Nepal in the spring/summer of 2014 and South East Asia in the Spring/Summer of 2013 with a focus on Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar I chronicled in large part mans symbiotic relationship with his environment.  I strive to capture images showing local peoples engagement with the land and am particularly interested in activities that are carried out largely as they have always been, despite the rapidly advancing technological landscape in the world at large.


Being an avid steelhead flyfisherman, I, with a twist of humour, cannot but help to draw a relationship at times between it and photography. For myself the practice of either of these two activities can reinforce the principals common to the other and therefore both. These endeavours both involve the hunt, require keen observation of details, patient anticipation, get better results at dawn and dusk, and while in their pursuit allow pleasure in the simple act of casting or shooting until the image of dreams is landed.

I was awarded 'The Georgia Straight's People's Choice' in the Capture Photography Festival 2013 -in addition to having a photo selected as part of their advertising campaign through Lamar Transit Ads.  In January 2014 I held my first solo photography exhibition 'GRIT - Scenes of South East Asia' at PhotoHaus Gallery in Vancouver.


Born in St.Catharines, Ontario - Christopher Edmonstone lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.